I ask what happened to family dinner in NYC Saturday and party with the girls in CT on Sunday. "Oh, the girls were too excited for me to take it away from them. They were telling me it is the greatest thing they have ever been invited to."

Nope...has nothing to do with "the girls". Your wife's main interest has ALWAYS been status. If this big doo-dah happens SHE is the one that is gonna come out of it one step higher (socially) than the other Moms. She is working off her own agenda.

Oh yeah...she is puffing herself up...feeding her own need for adulation...again at the expense of the family finances.

AND....why do kids have to have such extravagant parties?
What ever happend to slumber parties, pizza, chips, sodas, and all night movies fests?

If this is what is planned for her 13th, I guess you best get prepared for a Sweet 16 party of obscene and vulgar monetary displays.