Hitch understands me perfectly. I have given up on overtly fighting with Mrs. Hold. It is too hard for me, and there is never any payoff. I just get my passive-aggressive digs in. If I am only going to get crumbs either way, I might as well create my own crumbs (no matter how bitter) rather than scurrying after Mrs. Hold and begging for her tasteless ones.

Yesterday she told me on the phone she made a big mistake this week with the party. I agreed with her. Then I came home, and she was very busy with paralegal work. She stayed up late and still was not finished. I understood that with her school work and other job she was trying to finish that project yesterday. But frankly, her prioritizing work over reconnecting with me completely undercut the apology.

It is snowing here yet again. Thank God I was able to make it out our steep driveway. I hope everyone stays warm and dry today.

When you can see it coming, duck!