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every relationship needs one romantic partner, we balance out. It doesn't work if you are both cats." I am so closed off to her, all I could hear when she was talking was a voice screaming in my head "BS, BS, BS".

Well, of course your head screamed "BS"; that's exactly what her statement is. Probably without malice, but it's just not true. In fact, I submit that the exact opposite is true. I believe a relationship works best if both partners are either cats or puppies, but not one of each.

Of course, there is a matter of degree where each makes an effort to accommodate the other, but diametric opposites are just painful to each other.

...actually, that's not quite right. I think it's more accurate to say that the "cat" will find the puppy annoying or be afraid of it. The "puppy" will feel rejected and abandoned by the cat. I believe that is the more painful experience.

As another "puppy" married to a "cat" (who, ironically, loves puppies and dislikes cats), this has been my experience. I'm guessing it is yours as well?

You're just jealous because you can't hear the voices in my head!