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I would much prefer if I had spent my time getting drunk at bars and having sex with women I didn't know. I feel that I wasted my youth deferring my desires in the hope that I would be rewarded in later years. Not having been rewarded in later years, I feel that I should have spent my weekends during college at the bar at the O'Hare Hilton picking up middle aged women on layovers rather than studying to get good grades. I would say I made stupid choices that have now locked me in to running on a treadmill. I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Not as someone who has any control over my life. And certainly not someone who can write their own ticket.

I know! And the fact that you can come up with these instances means you've got a pretty good idea of what would do it for you.
I'm pretty impressed to see this. You don't need the stinkin' ECT.

I understand you hate being a lawyer, and that you feel like you live on a treadmill. But one day, sooner than you think, your kids will be off to college and then you will see the cage door has been open all of this time. Maybe you will go for it, maybe you won't. But I'm telling you for sure, the door is always open.

You know Harley's material better than I, and I'm sure you've read his thoughts on when you have his blessing to leave.

I love the fact that you actually produced such a vivid example of snagging middle aged divorcees at an airport bar. How simply and completely attainable that goal would be for you. It's almost comical.