As I wrote the last post, I really felt like I was wasting time.

I'm reminded of a buddy of mine in college. This guy was just destined to go nowhere. He ended up graduating with a two-year nursing degree, which he utilized for awhile.

He is my age, 47, and still lives at home with his parents. Never had a girlfriend, never has been out of the state, never done anything.

For years I would say, why don't you move to the city? Get your own apartment, have some fun, etc.

He'd change the subject and continue to gripe about his existence.

If you can't help yourself, you are pretty much done.

In your case, Hold, I am just dismayed. Guys like you rule the world. You've got wealthy clients, you associate with the richest and most powerful. You can easily have anything a man could want, yet you will consider none of it.

You are either a saint, or crazy in the head. I keep switching between the two prognoses...