Mrs. Hold found a much less expensive restaurant for dinner Saturday. She paid for the hotel and most of the shopping by D14. So in the end I could live with the total cost. D14 and her friends had an awesome time.

Good for her, finding a way SHE could afford to pay for most of it, without totally depending on you to cover the entire cost..

And of course you think it's a love buster, because she wasn't totally dependent on you (therefore you couldn't make her feel bad about the expense, and as such can't hold it over her head) she found a way to give something to your daughter that she wanted to give her..that wouldn't strain YOUR over all budget.

Sounds more like she has made some changes in her own life, and you resent that..because you refuse to change..

The more I think back over your posts, and even reading these most recent ones...you sound very controlling, have to control the finances, and if I can't control how much she spends, then I'll control how much money comes into the house...I will SHOW HER!!

The sad thing is Hold, for years I sympathized with you, now, I honestly wish she would leave you, so that SHE can find happiness with someone who really loves her..

Simul Justus Et Peccator
“Righteous and at the same time a sinner.”
(Martin Luther)