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Why are you holding onto the resentment from something that happened a year ago?
I will take a swing at this one.

Because when you are sick/weak/hurting/emotionally burdoned you are vunerable>sp? in ways you are not used to operating by. It is scary, even if you admit it to yourself or not.

To realize that your spouse disregaurds your pain and discredits your condition only erodes basic foundation survial trust.
(If he/she dumps me in my current state for the "little things", what is going to happen in a serious scanario?)
It is no coincidence that the vows say "In sickness and in health."

This situation taps into some deep emotions. I understand it... but I agree KT, this "vent" may be needed to be looked at more closely by CWMI and dealt with.

Me; W 46
Him; H 46

2 girls
Dated/Married total 28 years.
..I am learning and working on myself.