Ladies, this is how I put it to him when he began backtracking with, "That's not what I meant, you misunderstood..."

I said, "imagine I had gone to an event where alcohol was served, and I came home and told you that I did not drink. Then you found a picture on the internet, of me at the event, with a beer to my lips. And I started explaining to you that what I meant was that I hadn't drank during the event, but slammed four or five at the end."

Someone who has his history of being untruthful and claims to want to restore the trust he has broken ought to be a bit more careful in his statements, don't you think? The problem here is that I don't know what the truth is. He told me he didn't get to shoot. I find a picture of him shooting. Was it popping rounds at the end of the day? Or was it earlier with the rest? I don't know what to believe because I was told he DID NOT SHOOT, and was only told the other after I discovered different. Do you get it now?

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)