My VAR has provided more useable intelligence than everything else combined. Especially when an A goes underground, they will be talking via cell in the wayward's car. Guaranteed.

I went to Best Buy and bought a unit that probably has way more capability than I need. The full user manual was online. I spent about 30 minutes making sure I had it set up correctly and tested it in my car. I would suggest three things:

turn off the LED
turn off any beep or tone
have it set to voice activation

once I knew it was undetectable, I just turned it on and slipped it into the driver's door pocket. I hear almost everything very clearly.

Others have suggested using velcro tape and hiding it under the steering wheel, which is a more secure location if you're worried about detection. It was so easy to do that I can't believe anyone would not employ this TODAY.

BS (me) 49
WW 49
married 6 years
dday1 8/23/10 NC 9/3/10
NC broken 12/10
dday2 2/6/11
NC2 3/5/11