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I'm posting this here, though it might as well work in "Surviving An Affair"

For Christmas, my son received a book entitled something like "In 50 Years....We'll all be Chicks!" The premise is that the "political correctness" of "modern civility" has basically turned modern Western man into a mess of fear and worry about doing something which would permit the femi-Nazis to label him, as unevolved, a neanderthal!

Well, reading through the posts of the last dozen male(?)BS's in SAA has brought me to the following conclusion:"BRING BACK THE NEANDERTHALS!"

Seriously, these men, betrayed and cuckholded by their wives, present themselves as weepy, cringing victims of scheming calculating uber-women, and so beaten down that they will do anything to avoid more abuse (or, worse: displeasure!) by the WW's.

They won't threaten divorce, they won't expose, they won't take difficult stands, they won't stand up for their basic rights! They're practically ovulating, in their weepiness and helplessness.

I'm not advocating that all men swagger around with "Stanley Kowalski" mentalities, but they also should not be playing the part of "Blanche Dubois"! When I found out about my wife's EA, I don't think my reaction would possibly have been viewed as "understated" or "civilized". I'm not all that proud about some of it (being arrested was no fun!), but if nothing else, she knew that deep down our marriage was important to me, and I wasn't going to let her continue playing her game. Her immediate NC, remorse and efforts to help me heal were triggered by this knowledge.

If men show this little backbone after being smacked by their wives' infidelity, it's not hard to see why those same wives had so little regard for their husbands' feelings and responses, opening the gates for their affairs. Returning some real "maleness" to today's supposed "males" would likely prevent a great deal of female "confusion" about the joint roles of a marriage. (Two "wives" are obviously not working well!)

We might need a movement along the lines of neo-Neanderthalism. Who's with me?
I read your post and while I can see your point in some areas.....I was a bit surprised it was on here. I think we have evolved from dragging our nuckles on the ground. I dont think hitting yoour wife makes you more of a man...in fact it makes you an abuser. I am a woman whos H had an EA on me. He is every bit a man and we hold very traditional roles so what would be his excuse? If he was truely a man.....full of maleness as you put it, he would not have done this to me. Texas swagger is alive and well and ridiculous.