I'll have to look those up, they sound interesting.

I have noticed that my "down there" plumbing works better in the morning. I think it's completely mental though. It's really nice to wake up to SF and it puts a great spin on my day. I also think that it's mental because I don't have anything running through my head from a day of work and all the other stresses and worries that accumulate. My brain is blank and so my attention goes immediately to the warm body pressed behind me and whatever it is that he's doing that woke me up.

A lot of my desire I think is killed by my own self consciousness (sp?). I am very aware of my H preference for women with flat stomachs and I do not have one of those yet. The women in my family are all apples so that is a trait I will have to work harder for than normal diet and exercise can accomplish. I'll need to add things that target that area for me and cardio is really important because of my slower metabolism. I've only been slim like that twice since we've met. The first was a result of the 3 hour difference in the time we got off work and nothing to go home to. The gym a block from work became a haven. The second was when I was living in my apartment after the A and spending an hour at the gym every day to take up all the new time I had alone. My desire stems strongly from BEING desired.

So it's a work in progress again. ^_^

-= Phoenix
I am BW-25
Married since 7/07
A from 1/09-7/09

"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday."-Eeyore