On my wife's side, there are two situations going on that rather parallel yours.

One is that her father, a roguish fun loving sort, died of cancer around seven years ago. Her mother, a dour woman who never worked a day in her life, latched on to her children as providers. She stayed with one son in his large home, where he had built an apartment for her, and she still refused to provide for herself in any way, though only in her early sixties. Her children now have to see to her needs.

While all of them hack it out in the corporate rat race, she stays home in comfort, drinking tea and enjoying life without a care in the world.

My wife resents the hell out of that.

And now the good son who provided the home for her is looking at a divorce. His wife never worked a day in her life, either. She spent her days, while he slaved at work, having lunch with friends, spending money, and basically living a beautiful life.
Apparently his wife met someone while out and about during the day.

The good son has two children (both of whom are taking all in stride), and he is looking at a financially devastating divorce.

One thing is for sure, the two carefree women will not so much as suffer missing even one mid afternoon luncheon.

While all of the others hash out a living, day to day, to pay for it all.