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So, are you saying that your wife refuses to be accountable to you about her spending? And she knows that overspending is a painful concern to you, but she continues to do it anyway? frown

Yes, however in her defense, I have not done the best job of meeting her other primary EN's. Not making excuses for her, as your statement is accurate, but I also know that our Takers are out due to our love bank withdrawals and therefore it is easier to continue to chooose LB'ing behavior. I am in the midst of putting together a plan to better meet her EN's in an effort to determine if she will become more amenable to meeting my EN's in the process. I am skeptical this will work, as I've done so in the past and the overspending still persisted, but that was a number of years ago now so I'll give her the benefit the the doubt. Besides, I'm the only one here so I have to do the changing. smile

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