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Separate accounts. My paycheck goes into my account. Then her allowance gets transferred from mine into hers. So she cannot pull more out of my account than we have agreed.

Technically we still have a joint checking account, but I can remove her at any time as I am the primary and she is only an authorized user.

I've tried the allowance model on multiple occasions, cash, debit cards, checks, etc. None of it has worked long term as DW refuses to track her spending and then gets upset when her actions and lack of planning result in overdraws or not having enough cash for whatever she wants to do. This entire concept is completely foreign to me as I always know exactly how much money I have everywhere and I track everything closely, but I do recognize that everyone is different. Still, I struggle not to DJ DW in this area because a part of me feels she is purposefully being clueless when it comes to money and then always expects me to resolve our financial problems.

I just wanted to point out that the breadwinner can also have the attitude that these wives of yours have. My XH did. He refused all attempts at budgeting and tracking money. He would get angry if I pointed out we didn't have enough money to buy whatever it was he wanted. I was/am a very frugal person. I wanted to stay home with our son and I did....XH felt that gave him the power to do what he wanted money wise. I think it also gave him the feeling that he could cheat on me and I would never leave him.

However, if I were in the shoes of you men who make the money with over spending wives....I'd take drastic measures.