Iss, yes of course I am chuckling. We Nice Guys gotta stick together. Well, actually we gotta bash each other over the head with heavy blunt instruments. But we gotta stick together. Even if that means bashing each other with sticks! grin

Markos, there is no way to know which is better for the children. Staying together even though I am miserable? Breaking up and hoping I can set a better example if I live a more fulfilling life? There are studies and odds but no guarantees. Some kids wish their parents had gotten divorced sooner. Other kids wish their parents never got divorced. Even if one percentage is higher than the other, no one can predict with certainty which side my kids will fall on, or even that both would fall on the same side.

I stay because I am afraid to leave. And unmotivated to improve myself both out of fear improvement would motivate me to leave and out of feeling that Mrs. Hold should not get any financial benefits while she rejects my needs. Not particularly admirable behavior on my part. A braver person would improve themselves, and let the chips fall where they may on the current marriage.

When you can see it coming, duck!