Great Job Hilltoper! Keep that attitude going! ... IT will be difficult for the first while as you change your old habits into new habits until it becomes effortless and a normal part of your daily routine. Having a 4month old baby is very time consuming and very hard on your wife and also your UA time. It will get better though as your child grows. ALso since it was not that long ago that you had your child .. your wife may be depressed somewhat. ALOT of women go though that right after child birth. Her body is adjusting and may take a while to fully recouperate and for her to feel "normal" again. I am not sure if your interested or not .. but you could see if your wife was interested in a natural herb supplement that balances horomones. Its very effective. Both my wife and I use it and it has made a signifigant difference in my wifes energy levels and her "attitudes" lol. ITs called Macaroot. Check it out. ( ) IT takes aprox 5 days to kick in and its very safe to use (safe for breast feeding etc). I am in no affiliation of the product .. I am just a happy customer and so is my wife! So I tell everyone about it smile if you do get it .. try to get it in pill form.. its much better than the starch form and works like a charm on horomones! But dont take my word for it .. just do some research then check out your local health food store.

Remember to be consistant in your efforts ... and do not let your "taker" be in charge for a while ... even if it starts to swell up and you begin to feel like your needs are not being met and your "taker" suggests you get aggitated or argue about it. If you end up in an argument of some sorts you will be back at day one and your wife will think it was manipulation the entire time and youll be back at day one. You have to change for YOU not her.

If you have the books "His needs her needs FOR PARENTS" ...and "love busters" .. possibly set aside some time with your wife to take turns reading it out loud together sitting in bed before you go to sleep at night. My wife loved that I would read out loud to her and as she listened .. we would stop and discuss it once in while. This was great bonding time.

Again .. keep up the good work .. and come vent here.