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I think for now her own personal time is so hard to come by with the new baby that she values that more than anything.

That is really common in new mothers. She may need to learn how important a good marriage is for her child's welfare.

I suggest date nights but she turns them down as excuses. ... She keeps saying it is because she is not confident in herself, but it is hard for me to truly know that it isn't just another one of her excuses, you know?

Okay, quit disrespecting her choice to decline your offers as "excuses." You can't read her mind and you shouldn't try to, and she has the right to decline any offer she doesn't like, for any reason.

You'll have to find an offer that she DOES like.

She might like to follow this program, if she found out what was in it for her. So think about what IS in it for her.

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