My wife's reply. Let me/her have it.

First of all I don't treat you bad. It's a mechanism of irritation with you. I don't like being a nag. And of course like today you always have to be right. Its not my fault u like to close up and not speak. Do what u gotta do. I already knew the story today, women always have instincts. Oh and the sex thing, it's like the chris thing. Im so irritated and tired i have zero sexual feelings. We don't ever do anything fun anymore, forget the romance. And yes I'm tired. Do u know what it's like taking care of three kids, one being an infant, taking them to school, classes, playdates, poop, screaming half the day, gas, etc. I'm not saying it's like this everyday but I'm allowed to get emotional. I'm a woman, not a man. I'm drained. Forgive me for being a grump when I never have any alone time except for myself except the bathroom and shower there is always a kid there. Forgive me for telling u my feelings about friends, I'm allowed my opinion. I will be less grumpy and work on our marriage, but the older out baby gets I'm sure the better it will get. What ever happened to walks to Starbucks, cooking together, anything for that matter.

She has a few points, but most of it in my mind says, "Not my fault, I'm allowed to treat you this way." How do I respond to someone that says she doesn't treat me bad? By the way, did I mention anything about sex?

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD