It started getting testy, so I went upstairs. I guess I'll keep trying this. She appears to be indifferent to any of though, always has been. Not judging her, but I'll be honest, with her mother growing up, your skin better be tough. Mine is weak and I'm going to attempt to learn and communicate here to change that.
In case any of you are wondering the big D word is not an option in either one of our books. At least not till they are all grown up. We have decided we have committed to raising first and foremost our beautiful children. My wife and I regularly congratulate ourselves on how our six and four year old have become fantastic kids. Call us old fashion at least in that sense, but believe me we both want this to work, I just think we are at a loss of how to do just that.

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD