I think you did right in calling her on her disrespectful behavior. How did you state it? I don't think you can do anything to avoid her reactions to your honesty. However, you still need to stand your ground in a respectful manner.

Not that we're supposed to educate our spouses, but you might ask her how she would feel if she were to say how she felt and you dismissed how she felt with her being too sensitive, how would she feel about that. What that does is invalidate our feelings.

http://www.marriagebuilders.com/graphic/mbi3400_lovebust.html Print that out and have her read it. It'll be an introduction to love busters and might not be so overwhelming as going and reading a chapter or a book at the start for her.

I think you two need to get the kids down to bed together and fill out the LB questionaire together.

During the summer, I might have up to 5 kids to watch all day and evening together by myself. And it's the same for thousands of people out there. However, that doesn't give me a right just because I've had a stressful day to start lovebusting my wife.

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