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Everything derailed. It was great, then wife disrespected me, I told her honestly how it made me feel. She went straight for the "you take things the wrong way", then gloves came off so I went upstairs. Came back down and she said I ruined the night. I asked her to just please read love busters and then turned around and walked upstairs. How can I avoid this in future?
I think she played you like a fiddle.

Your wife likes things just the way they are. I was afraid of this. It sounded like she was agreeing much too readily.

I think your wife knew exactly what button to push, knowing you would get upset and then she could blame YOU for ruining the evening and derailing the reading idea.

You've got to rebuild the dike, Hilltopper. Try it again - and when she starts trying to manufacture an argument, leave the room. Tell her "I don't want to spoil your opportunity to read our book by saying angry things."

Repeat as necessary.

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