This morning I walked up to Mrs. Hold and said "every marriage has its problems. So do we. I can live with many problems remaining unresolved. But there is one issue I cannot tolerate."

You could see her face fall. You could see in her body language she was gathering herself for a confrontation. I continued.

"There is only one acceptable way to place the toilet paper into the roller. Loose end over the top toward the front. Never allow the loose end to point toward the wall and have to be pulled from underneath. NEVER!"

She said she would try to remember. I said "for a moment you really got worried that I was going in a different direction with that introduction, weren't you." She said "yes, I couldn't believe that you were going to bring up something serious on Monday morning as I was about to head out the door for exercise class".

What, she thinks toilet paper is not a serious topic!! crazy grin

When you can see it coming, duck!