It was a quick, look you don't need to be perfect here and do the laundry. I know I have a pattern of assuming what my wife's intentions are, but I assume in this case that she was feeling guilt? Since the last post, we kind of had a mini-tif. I'm not good at hiding my annoyance with my wife, she spots it every time and asked me, so I told her. I told her the things that were withdrawals to my LB, she went by instinct to the "you're reading into it and I didn't mean it that way", which I quickly reminded her that those are my feelings and you can't tell me how I'm supposed to feel. She actually did say "I get it" which is a good thing. I also said I was concerned because no sooner did we just have a talk and agreed commitment that she pretty much ignored it starting with last night, early this morning, and then now. She did kiss me on the cheek which was nice, but I'll be honest my feelings being damaged as they were I assumed it was just a show. I won't make that mistake again, if she is trying, then I'll accept her affection no matter how she gives it. We continued our talk and she was going for a run for two hours. I have no problem with her getting away, she needs it, but I do have a problem with her automatically looking to do things that make her feel good without regard to me, you know? She said, "What is wrong with me running and getting exercise?" I said nothing, but that in our current situation I would thing some activities should be put on hold so that we can read and spend time together. She went running anyways. By the way I made her her favorite coffee, made breakfast for the kids, cleaned the dishes from the night before, tried to hold baby after we had our tif which she rejected which is bizarre. I can tell this morning she is feeling the inequity which might or might not be a good thing. So since about 4am she has withdrawn about 8 times with the 1 kiss coming in as a deposit. Mine is the opposite. I knew this would happen.

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD