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When she pushed your foot out of the way did she push it away and then withdraw? I push my dh's leg over all the time so I can put a leg on his side, but I want him to stay touching me, just in a way thats comfortable to me.

Are you reading into her intentions the most negative or positive possible explanation?

She pushed it away and pulled it back. We used to touch legs in bed all the time, but now she doesn't want to touch me at all. She told me that. This behavior and reluctance on her part to deal with issues is nothing new, she does it in every aspect of her life and I don't know why. She used to be in charge of the bills, but would put entire stacks of bills in the drawer out of site out of mind until we'd be paying late charges or getting accounts cancelled. She procrastinates all the time and I suppose this is no different. Due to the gravity of the situation I would think this would be different you know?

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