I'll think about that. Yesterday started out rocky, but we did something fun with the kids, had lunch, etc. If nothing else it got the conversation started. We got to bed opened the workbook and she said she would let me read it to her. I read many of the LB's and EN's section and she wasn't mean about it, but I'd definitely say a little sarcastic about it. I got to the sexual fulfillment part and she blurted out, "that isn't gonna happen any time soon." This was like a dagger to my heart I realized later that night as I was trying to fall asleep. Why would she intentionally withhold one of my EN's? To be honest it made me consider the "other man" thing again. I definitely struggle with the honesty thing, but she was sleeping already and I'm scared to bring it up this morning. Everybody deals with their problems differently. I guess it also bothers me that she doesn't lose sleep at night over any of this stuff, or at least appears not to. I on the other hand am in agony about it all, can't eat, sick to my stomach. She did say that its "almost all my(her) fault about the affection thing" yesterday which was good. Anytime she admits anything it means we've made some progress. So here I sit this morning with the best of intentions, yet scared to even respectfully tell her that she hurt me last night with that comment and her somewhat sarcastic attitude about the workbook. Why wouldn't she want to participate with enthusiasm? In regards to the sex thing, its gotten worse over the years, we stopped kissing about 5-6 years ago when she had a tooth that had gone bad. The "breath" thing means its an automatic "no". This hurts. The "hop on" thing or "don't take too long" has been happening for a long time as well. At least it was something, now it is nothing at all with no sign of anything changing soon. I will say my persistence with this entire thing has caused there to be conflict so I'll consider the Steve thing, btw, who is Steve? I only know the name William Harley, right?

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