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Insecurity. Be more sensitive to this and touch non-jiggly parts, like shoulders (especially where they meet the neck--that may be just me but I love that) and dish out verbal compliments on other parts to build her confidence for touching later. "Your legs look really good in those shorts." Let her catch you checking out her rear-end in an approving way. Come up behind her and run your finger down her spine and stop just above her bum. If you come up behind her to give her hug, try to embrace in the skinniest part--just below the breast. If she's sitting with her feet up, run your finger down the curve of her foot, unless she's really ticklish.

I love my wife's body, it is great, she is just hard on herself. She has a great bum and she knows exactly to a tee how I feel about it. Compliments on how she looks are fairly common coming from me but they don't always have a good effect. I think my wife at this time thinks that any effort of any kind to fill a need, make a compliment, or touch her in anyway has but one motivation from me, sex. Believe me I'm dying to have sex with my wife, but most of all I want to feel loved by her and affection has a lot to do with that feeling for me at least. What I have learned here and from experience is that I can't try hard for 48 hours and get what I want out of this. That is my nature and that is how I handle things in my company, which is immediately. This is a relationship and far different from that strategy. In my mind I believe that consistency is key here so she knows that I will just compliment her, buy her a little something, hug her, kiss her, and make an obvious attempt at romance or one of her EN's because I want to make her happy, not because all I want is sex. There is no desire for sex and every time I think a good evening might turn into something she always rolls over and falls asleep. I don't even get a "maybe tomorrow night" courtesy comment brush off anymore. I don't ask anymore because it makes it worse.

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