Hill, Get your wife some MACA ROOT! After I got my wife to try it (takes a few days to work, aprox 5 days actually) she will not be without it now. Absolutlely LOVES it. I take it too. Its a super food and whats called an Adaptogen. Do some research on it .. its very effective and DEF does all it says it does.

Heres what it did to my wife that i DEF noticed. She could attest to it if she posted. And yes she was very reluctant at first and skeptical but it surprised her.

1. First it totally helped her energy levels.
2. It reduced her stress by alot
3. It increased her libido a good fair bit.
4. It has made her mood during PMS weeks alot more tolerable.

Heres is the negative that she mentioned and so far only 1 thing.

1. Makes her period a fair bit heavier as the product claims to increase fertility so it takes a few days longer for her period to come than she used to.

Here is some links to do some reading on it...


Also check the wiki on it ... it has a great write up on it.


p.s. for me .. Maca root has decreased my recovery time when i work out. and it has lowered my stress levels .. and lowered my sex drive a bit so im not so ancy if its been a few days. Its a natural hormone balancer. It does NOT add horomones to your system .. but it allows your system to rebalance itself so if some of your endrocine system is exausted (such as child birth etc) it gives the proper nutrients to all your glands and allows them to produce the proper amount again. Or if your over producing it will allow it to cut back. etc.

p.s.s If you do descided to get it .. get it in capsule form ... NOT the powder form. The capsule form has all the starches removed.

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