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It was a version of the "hop on and be quick" with sex. She said, "Ok hurry up I'm tired you got your two minutes of snuggle time."

This would insult me. She's giving you crumbs and you're taking them. Don't take the crumbs; a spouse deserves better. Let her know that you feel insulted by her 'offering' you two minutes.

She simply said, "I'm not you ok? I can't shift gears and be a different person tomorrow like you can."

This is simply refusing to work on herself and coping out. Be respectful but let her know this is just an excuse.

I'm watching baby at 5 in the morning while she goes running with her friend.

So don�t do this. It is not a need for to spend time with her friends away when she isn�t meeting any or very little UA time. The next time she wants to go for a run with her friend(s) and leave you with the kids, well, you have something else to do.

Husband (me) 39
Wife 36
Daughter 21
Daughter 19
Son 14
Daughter 10
Son 8 (autistic)