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I'm in love with my family but very unhappy in my relationship with my wife and feel a huge empty hole.

This is from your husband's first post. I presume the reverse is likely pretty true as well...that being, YOU, too, also love your family but feel unhappy in your relationship with your husband and a huge empty hole.

These are complaints. Complaints in marriage are GOOD.

MB can help you fix this problem. MB is NOT counseling. It won't delve into your family of origin issues or draw out your inner child. It won't merely focus on fixing your communications problems like so many other marital programs due such that you end up being able to communicate with each other at the divorce court. It is a simply behavior program. Dr. Harley studied the behaviors and patterns of married couples that enjoyed enduring loves that lasted a lifetime. He then prescribes we learn and adopt those behaviors over the course of ONE year and see what happens. The idea is that by undertaking the actions of a loving couple will result in the couple being a loving couple.

Feelings follow action.

It's really pretty simple.

Please click on and review the "basic concepts" link at teh top of this page and out on the main marriage builders website. Give MB the chance. It's so easy and your husband is already here and somewhat familiar with it so there is no time like the present to work on rebuilding your marriage. If not for yourself or your husband...do it for your kids who deserve better than you both are giving them right now.

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"agree to disagree" = Used when one wants to reject the objective reality of the situation and hopefully replace it with their own.