tgrace, I went back and scanned through about 6 pages of posts, and I'm not seeing where anyone thinks you're having an affair. Someone may have suggested it at some point, because unfortunately it is a common thing to see here. We'll ask that pretty early in as a way of tailoring our responses to the poster.

I DID see a lot of disconnect between the two of you - not a tough thing to resolve. I noticed that you said you would give MB a try - excellent! I would suggest you start your own thread and give us your marital story as you see it.

And by the way - we are volunteers here. You're going to see a lot of people encouraging you to post here and read Dr. Harley's books. This info is priceless and has saved and renewed countless marriages. We get nothing from this but a good feeling if we can pay it forward and help someone else do the same. Just letting you know that up front - some new posters assume we're employed by Marriage Builders and get paid to be here. Nope. smile

D-Day 2-10-2009
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Thank you Marriage Builders!