Had a wonderful birthday, mostly because of Mrs. Hold. She very much tried to show that she loves me in ways that speak to me.

Dentist appointment went well. No cavities despite not having gone in 10 years. The dentist said I should do commercials for chewing sugerless gum.

The surgical appointment was OK. He scoped and said "I don't see anything. Nothing yet. Oh, THERE it is." Too big to band, so either the cortisone shrinks it or I am in for some simple surgery but a very painful recovery. Oh well, at my age it could be much worse.

Dinner with my parents and sister was great, as was the rest of the weekend with them in NYC.

As for the gym, I have been too anemic to go. Now that the iron pills have that controlled, I am back on the exercise bike. I will eventually get back to the gym. Just need to get the surgery behind me (pun intended) first.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

When you can see it coming, duck!