I told her that a certain something fit too easily into something else for not having had sex for so long and that I questioned whether her orgasm was real.
Well. I would say this was a real downer for your W to hear! Talk about rating a performance! naughty

Hilltopper, we do initially look for infidelity when a new poster comes on board. Because it is, sadly, normal to find out that there is an active affair that is creating the marital problems. When that is the case we have to advise the poster in a completely different way that requires some urgency. That's why we ask that first, as opposed to spending a lot of time on addressing what needs aren't being met. The affair becomes the primary target that needs to be attacked.

When there appears to be no affair we start working on ways the couple can come back together in harmony. I am assuming this is the case for you and tgrace.

D-Day 2-10-2009
Fully Recovered and Better Than Ever!
Thank you Marriage Builders!