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I told her that a certain something fit too easily into something else for not having had sex for so long

Hill, do you want to follow the Marriage Builders plans to help your marriage get better?

If so, let me remind you on what the Marriage Builders plan is if you suspect an affair: snoop, find evidence, and do not confront until you have evidence. You've been told this a number of times, and yet you've already confronted your wife multiple times without evidence.

A different "fit" after pregnancy is not evidence.

We're talking evidence that would stand up in a court of law.

Do you want to follow the Marriage Builders plan from Dr. Harley, Hill? Or do you want to follow the hilltopper plan from hilltopper?

(Want to hear how badly things go when I follow the markos plan instead of the Marriage Builders plan from Dr. Harley? It's not a pretty sight!)

Yes I want to follow the plan and it kills me when I stray from it. Worse than that its like a "reset" with the progress we've made. There are many things that are going right. My wife is reading the book, I've read two of the books. We come here and post and learn. We have the workbook. We are definitely more inclined to speak politely to each other and respectfully. We don't fight about anything other than our relationship. It is almost always me bringing something up, her firing back. I always pursue her to talk, I always want to fix things after a fight right away. I post here more frequently than anyone. My wife is a different person that I don't understand, go figure. I stare at her frequently with a perplexed look on my face because I just don't know what she wants. She's a walking contradiction at times and I don't know how to deal with it. I don't mean that as an insult, I mean I can't keep up with her mind. First it is A, then it switches to B a minute later. I hate having to "guess" at everything and hope that I hit the mark. When I do hit the mark it is great, we get each other and have a good time. When I hear a "sigh" that signifies that she is irritated with me. I get a lot of "sighs" folks. I just want to be confident in meeting my wife's needs and not walk on eggshells and feel clueless. By the way my wife is definitely from Venus, perhaps even another galaxy! smile

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