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This is SO true for me as well!

I've noticed that a guy I wouldnt have paid attention to before ends up getting a second look when I find out he thinks Im beautiful or desirable. Weird.

I'm still getting to know the guy who is super physically attractive. But there's another guy from Sunday School who has surprised me by somehow becoming just as sexy. I don't get it, since he's not quite as good-looking as the other guy (great smile, average body, but still looks nice). But we've been hanging out for a few months as part of a group, and best I can figure out, my attraction to him is based on a combination of how nice he is to me, and how obviously he's into me.

Its events like this that make me want to go back to school for a psych degree- I feel like I just dont understand human behavior, especially when it comes to sexuality, not even my own!

YOu are talking Harley concepts here, Daisy. He's meeting your emotional needs, which makes him more attractive to you.

Strange thing here; FWW is/was attracted to my arrogance. Over the course of our marriage, my confidence, and thus my arrogance had been eroded. While I maintained that, it was attractive to her from me, but the arrogance of other men was a total turn off. When I lost my confidence, it removed that block.

Weird, eh?

Anyway, you are echoing the story of thousands of women. Again, I really suggest you pick up TVM and listen to the stories of those women. There are quite a few that would likely resonate with you.

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