Have patience Hill ... yes shes mad at you and rightfully so. She will need a few days to re collect her thoughts on your behaviour from last night.

DONT hound her ... DONT glare at her .. No DJ or AO or SD's. And DO NOT give her your "stewing face" Just let it all slide off your back right now OK? Keep being nice and meeting her needs. Maybe pour her a bath and bring her some wine and put on her favorite CD in the bathroom for her and lite some candles in there too ... then YOU put the kids to bed ... read them bed time stores .. and rock the little one to sleep. If ya got a baby swing ... use that! .. Both my kids loved the baby swing and had many naps in it! This will give her a chance to wind down ... dont ASK her if she wants you to do this .. just do it! And when she gets out offer her a backrub to help her relax and let her go to sleep with no "alterior motives" ok?

Time to SLOW DOWN and let the MB program help your wife shift gears.