My DH accused me several years ago of sleeping with someone else. I would classify my response as total horror that then went to angry denial. And, he stewed over my transgression for a WEEK before he brought them up. Once I got over the pain I was pissed.

We moved past it, but it took me a while.

Have y'all POJA'ed the response time to your contact? My DH and I did - if I'm at work and he calls on my cell, I call back at the next break. If he calls on my work line, I answer, because it's an emergency. If he emails me at work, I answer within 30 minutes, if he emails me at home, then it's within 24 hours. Calls on my cell when I'm not at work are answered or if he has to leave a message I get back with him within 15 minutes unless I've told him I'll be out of touch (i.e. riding my horse, traveling somewhere that service is patchy, etc...). It made him a lot more comfortable with the time it takes me to respond. And, I always let him know my schedule for the week - If I'm going to be away from my desk all day at work then he knows that, or if I'm going to be riding my horse all day and not have my phone, he knows that.

His calls are my #1 priority when I'm not at work, at work if he needs me then he's still #1.

Me: 30
Him: 39
Together 5 years
Married the very best man in the world 04/06/2013 after being common law for too long. I'm a lucky woman.
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