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Hilltopper, I notice you say "It bothers me," a lot ... do a lot of things bother you? Little things that maybe wouldn't bother most other people?

Markos, not trying to be snarky in any way� just want to understand� how, unless someone points this out to us, do we learn what little things that bother us that wouldn�t bother most people?

I ask because I am learning that about myself. My best bosses are the kinds of guys whose nitnoid habits (like wanting their stuff a certain way) annoys my coworkers but I love because I totally understand what the bosses want being that I�m the same way. And I don�t have a problem with them telling me how they want something. So these two bosses love my work. Until I got in this situation, where I constantly hear my coworkers complain about XYZ, I never realized that things I want or the way I like to do things is annoying to others. Or that the things that bother/annoy me about others wouldn�t bother �most other people.�

So how would Hilltopper even know if things that bother him don�t bother most other people? He says "It bothers me," a lot, but then says very little bothers him. Maybe, like me and my bosses, he doesn�t realize how he appears to others (and his wife), or how very much these "little things" bother him?

"If you will stop feeding your feelings, then they will stop controlling you" -Joyce Meyer