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Absolutely, did you read my whole post? I didn't let Hill off the hook about going off on her.

Can we talk language and context? I'm defensive because several people called me a jerk for hounding my wife. I know I do this which is why I sent her one text at 11am literally saying "are yo ok?" and left it at that. I didn't freak out because I didn't get an answer or contact her back in any way. She emailed me four hours later, not the other way around, with a response to something I didn't do(hound her). Only thing I can figure is she trolled my thread which was active of me seeking advice on what to do or how to behave if or when my wife responds to some things and completely ignores others. On top of not hounding her and in fact doing the opposite of giving her space to talk when she is ready, I get another 2-3 people berating me for insulting my wife's vagina, also out of context. There is a reason I began to feel the way I did and consider the possibility of an A, we've all made that clear. We had a long talk, I realized I have nothing to worry about and we moved on. Sincere apologies have flowed out my mouth for a day and a half. My wife needs time and I'm giving her all the time she needs.

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