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Again, when did I in any of this force conversation with my wife? She emailed, I replied, she emailed again, I replied. Please, please reread what transpired, maybe I didn't explain it well enough. I have had a history of "hounding" but I didn't yesterday. When a person tries to change his behavior, does exactly that, then gets advice repeatedly to stop hounding when he did nothing of the sort, it is confusing.

And this is what scares me about you. Multiple people have read your exchange and told you that you hounded her.

Why don't you believe it?

Instead of being willing to accept the fact that you made a mistake, you argue and declare that what you did yesterday wasn't bad because you've done MUCH WORSE in the past.

In your posts on this thread you say that your wife "ignored" your first message. That's a lie. She took 4 hours to respond. That's not ignoring you.

You, sir, have the mindset of an abuser. I don't know if you have ever hit your wife in the past, but IMO, you have to potential to do so.

Abusers are: controlling, entitled, disrespectful of their partner, and manipulative. They feel justified and deny and minimize their abuse. They are usually insanely jealous and accuse their partner of having an affair for no reason.

You need help for YOUR issues before the marital problems can be addressed.

Me: BS 51
Himself: WH 53, EA/PA w/ RunnerSlut his "running buddy."
Buncha' kids. The two youngest are still minors.
Separated: 08/13/09 after 25 years of marriage
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MC told me that he probably has a personality disorder