It's probably time to quit saying sorry. All you're doing is reminding her of your insensitivity.

Look at the suggested message I gave you again, please. It's very important. Notice that it is not even about your clueless comment? It's not about that at all! It's a positive comment of admiration.

Listen, Hill, your wife has a tough job to put up with you. You have got to understand that and believe it, and you have got to let her know that you appreciate it and admire her for doing it.

I mean ... you subjected her to some pretty shocking and insensitive remarks when you went off on your flight of fancy. You reacted from emotion, impulsively, without focusing on a plan, without thinking about how it was going to affect her. You sound like the kind of guy who tends to verbally leap before you look. You can learn to calm that down, but until you do SHE'S GOT A BIG LOAD TO CARRY. Thank her for carrying it.

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