So, let me see if this is straight

You send her a text, she doesn't respond.

4 hours later, she sends you an e-mail.

You respond, she responds, you respond, she responds.

And, again, you are baited into an argument, and YOU ENTER IT WILLINGLY.

In my reply, I highlighted in red where she said "We will talk when you get home."



At that point, it's a simple response; "Ok, dear. I apologize, we will talk about it when you get home. How is your day going so far?"

Disengage the argument, change the subject... anything but continue it on. I don't care if she is baiting you into that conversation, when it is going to be a fight, you have the choice to not engage. So... DON'T.

The angry silent treatment is... a setup, and just as bad for
"punishing" or "controlling" behavior, though the ladies won't call out on that one if it's one of their own favorite tactics.

And there IS a difference between not conversing and the silent treatment.

So, in that sense, kudos to you for not falling into it. The silent treatment is often employed as a way to bait an argument.

"I'm mad, so I'm not going to talk to you! Hmph!"

Okay, then... I'm uh... gonna go read a book. Good luck with that not talking thing!

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