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Is the baby sleeping through the night yet? Has your wife been able to rest enough to recover

don't know if this applies in Hilltopper's case, but just for the record... and I have friends who also had this experience, so I'm not the only one...my ex thought my son was sleeping through the night in his first month. I nursed him for over a year and I can tell ya, he didn't start sleeping through the night until about month 6-7 when we introduced solid food. But my ex would brag about how his son was sleeping. What was really happening, is, my ex was sleeping so soundly he didn't hear the baby. :-)

Baby has been excellent sleeps from about 7pm till 4am or so. Feeds a bit then falls back asleep till about 630am. We're both up during that time as I'm an extremely light sleeper so I hear everything. The children wear both of us out, not just my wife. I cut off an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening from work. The hour in the morning is taking care of the big kids and getting daughter to school each day. The hour in the evening is to come home early, give my wife a breather, and make everyone dinner. We do a lot of things right and have for a long time, but the big one that has brought us to this point is neglecting our marriage entirely. I do it, she does it, period and I'm sure it is unbelievably common.

We spoke a bit this morning about "forward motion" and not posting every little reaction on these forums. It is a great decision(POJA kind) so that we can make some progress with our marriage. I think you'll find that both my wife and I are much more reasonable than has been portrayed by our behavior and responses to our behavior on this forum. We kind of chuckle at the level of intensity of some of the other members that exceeds that of my wife and I! smile

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