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Immediately afterwards she saw the "stewing" look on my face

Hey, Hilltopper:

Stop stewing. Your wife says it's a real problem for her, so knock it off, Bud! smile Apparently this is still a present problem. She can see when you're feeling this way.

Let me tell you what causes the stewing: it's when you feel like your wife should be doing something, and she's not. Or she's doing it a different way, or she's doing something you think she shouldn't do. In other words, you feel just a little bit like you've got a right to control her, or you are pointed in that direction.

Have more patience with your wife, friend, or this is not going to work. She is very much on board with the concepts here and with posting here and with working with your marriage. She is going to need some time to learn everything. Be patient with her.

You are going to need her to be patient with you, too. You probably need to realize that you are not an easy man to live with and have a romantic relationship with. You should probably express some gratitude to your wife for dealing with that. I'll bet it would go a long way.

If you expect her to be patient with you for your faults and slips (you have some of those, right?) then you are probably going to need to extend the same kind of patience to her. New habits take time to form.

So, what are you doing nice for your wife today?

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