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Markos, I think you're confusing 'declining' with 'ignoring'. Declining a request is perfectly MB, and a spouse should not be berated for that. Ignoring is a whole other passive-aggressive way to escalate a problem.

I sent her three complaints I had and asked her to send me hers yesterday morning. This was specific to your advice you gave me on the "Love Bank" thread. I haven't even mentioned it since I wrote it. One of the specific issues I addressed was coming up with a POJA about appropriate times to get back to a text, email, phone call, etc. Technically we haven't agreed to an acceptable time on any of it, and I haven't mentioned it all day. I find it tough to initiate repeatedly. Don't get me wrong, we've had a great day, just having a hard time understanding the lack of urgency is all and want some insight.

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