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Ask her for a time to discuss it.

And be prepared (for any issue, in general) not to resolve all conflicts immediately with one discussion. It is very important to plan for "incubation time." The first solutions you come up with will not be your best solutions. Carry a notepad (or mobile device) with you to write down ideas on all the time, and write down ideas for a week once you've both shared your perspectives. Then discuss the issue again in a week and look for ideas that both of you think would be great.

Hill, have you read this article yet:

POJA is a noun. FGSN is the verb that gets you there. smile

In other q's, why are you emailing complaints to each other? Do the worksheets! Gah, I didn't say, email a barrage of complaints, did I?

CWMI is right, Dr. Harley's worksheets are designed to make it as safe as possible for you to share complaints and information with each other. Your accounts in each other's love banks are low right now. Your main goal is to build them back up; staying within the structure of those forms is a good way to try to pass information without starting a fight.

Yes I've read that link actually. Good night last night, good day today. No "faces" thus far as I'm very aware of it and my wife made a point on a few occasions to communicate a little more clearly to make sure whatever she said was not interpreted differently. Lovely day, lovely day.

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