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Hill, there are some great suggestions here for you to incorporate into your plan to make love bank deposits:


It doesn't have to be expensive fancy wine every night. The little things count, too.

Fantastic article and yes I specifically tell my wife I love her multiple times per day. I hug her, kiss her on the way out the door. I send her a text once per day saying, "Have I told you I love you today?" I do the dishes most nights, I bath the kids frequently so she doesn't have to. I may not have painted the appropriate picture as it pertains to affection. My affection for my wife is overflowing. I come from an affectionate family is this is just how I do things. From your perspective if all I do is one nice thing per day and expect some great reaction I totally understand where you are coming from, but this is not at all what is going on. I feel compelled to kiss and hug my wife and tell her I love her, not because a book told me too, but because I want to. Does that change things a bit more? If you show love and affection to someone all the time and you get none or very little in return how should I feel? My affection is not an act and it certainly isn't full of conditions that have to be met. My frustrations and concerns have one source, and that is to have my wife feel love for me and show that love.

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