I am really impressed at your progress. One day at a time! Your doing great! I know it may seem difficult for the first while .. and that your wifes response is not as you hope, but keep working at it .. and eventually she will come around. Her love bank for you is obviously still in the red, but each deposit brings you that much more out of debt.

Sorry I havent been around that much. I needed to step back as I didnt think my advise was being much help. It was similar to what alot of the others who came in after me .. but i think they worded it far better than I did. I realized my own tactics that i used on my wife was not helping you and from that I was stuck on how to continue helping you. I am also very new at advice giving since it was not that long ago i was in your shoes.

How was your easter? Has your wife made any effort or any noticiable changes? even if very small ones? Any progress is great progress.

Keep up the good work! I will chime in ocassionaly if i feel I may have more to contribute. But as of now I think your on the right track after we slapped you around a bit. smile