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Your very welcome ... I take it that you guys have progressed from withdrawl... then you moved into conflict (hence the heated 2 threads) then your wife finally joined you in conflict and now your bobbing in and out of intimacy?

I am so glad things are going well for you. Your threads are better off to be less "juicy" becasue that will mean that your gaining ground towards intimacy! Once both spouses are on board it almost takes no time at all .. and once its fully implimented and new habits develop, you guys will be madly in love again and will hardly be able to keep your hands off eachother. I am just glad it didnt take as long for you as it did my wife to come around for me. Now that you got 3 kids have you considered a vasectomy? THAT will really help in the intimacy department especially since you wouldnt have to worry about getting your wife preggo again! THat was one of the best things I ever did for my wife. Did it on a friday ... sat on a bag of frozen peas over the weekend. Wife waited on me for entire weekend and then went back to work on monday. IF your worried about it .. the anticipation was FAR worse than the procedure. If not .. o well . just thought I would throw that in there.

Your doing great Hilltopper. Hopefully your wife will update her thread so we will know how shes doing from her side of the street.


Yes vasectomy is in the works actually, thanks for the tip. In regards to my wife updated her thread, I hope she does too, I noticed it isn't even on page one anymore. I'm making sure that our little bit of success doesn't make me work less hard at this. I want to be diligent in coming here daily if possible and learning and in the future even helping. The way I see things is that I can get my wife to love me again which is the ultimate goal, or I can try and achieve the greatest marriage on the planet which is even better! Shoot for the stars!

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