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Depending on the proximity of local parks, or the amount of back yard you have - you could always assemble a "farm boy" home gym consisting of;

2 30ft lengths of 3" rope
1 Large tractor tire
1 10-20lb sledge hammer
1 Keg

Find plans and assemble a chinup bar.

All that, and who needs a gym?

I used to do this type of workouts until we moved and couldn't take the tractor tire with us. Keg throws, sledgehammer swings, tire flips, rope climbing. Maybe when we move back into a house by the end of this year, I'll go get another tractor tire and get back to doing this type of stuff.

It can be hard to get a lot of hypertrophy off this type of workouts is the downside.

If I get any muscular hypertrophy going, the W will kick me out of bed. She likes trim, but not cut.

I think she's on drugs...

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway... my workout yesterday consisted of 30 minutes of mat work in Judo. Almost nothing else compares to the fatigue that 30 minutes of grappling will put on you.

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