Average night, not a good morning. I have all the same old feelings of me not being important to my wife after last night. Affection shut off like a faucet, she said she was just tired. I sent her a note in the afternoon about "if I put all the kids down tonight and pick up some bath salts on the way home would you be open to taking a bath with me?" She sent a note back, "honestly I'm too tired." We had stayed up late, reasonable request so I shifted to thoughtful mode, picked up some "sleepy tea" for her so she could go to bed early and be well rested. Body language was different the entire night. No affection, little sarcastic(both of us), she sat on the recliner and I sat on the couch. Last night before bed I asked respectfully if we could "make sure and not get complacent", and she agreed. She did make one sarcastic comment last night about the previous night which stuck which was, "well I gave you SF last night and met your needs" as if to say "I gave you loving now I get to take the day off from MB and you should consider yourself lucky." This morning rather than do the stew face I brought it up and mentioned that there was a shift in body language from her and that I had some of the same old feelings as before of not being important to her. Then it began. "Sorry, but its not my fault." "I was tired cause of the kids." "You're reading into it." "If you hadn't of had me stay up late then I wouldn't be so tired." On and on and on. Same thing she always has done in the past which was, "you shouldn't feel this way", and "its not my fault." I admit a "you're crazy woman face slipped out" during an AO by her. She through in a "I can't stand you" comment for good measure. I said, "I don't think we should talk right now" and its been silence ever since. I know it can't be peachy all the time, but needless to say this was very disappointing and a huge step backwards. I can't control her so I'm gonna be a big boy and attempt to do what I need to do to control me. My question is, what do I do from here? How long do I let things blow over and calm down? I'll go read some more in a bit here, gonna work out of the house today so maybe we'll have some time to chat. Stay tuned.

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD